Parents…. how often do you email your kid’s teachers?

I had to ask myself that question this morning because normally I feel super connected to the teachers and this year it is never with much pre-planned intention.  It is normally a response to a situation or a need.

I thrived being the in-room mom, but I suck as a virtual one.

I am sure they do not want to hear from us often, but one thing I am proud of, is I ask is help is needed, but I also just give before they asked.  We know the kids need snacks, we know it’s the Holiday season, and we know the Teachers do not get paid enough.

Today’s email was originally only to ask about Janelle’s strengths and opportunities.  What can we work on over break?  What does she do well socially?

I then stopped and made sure I did my other catching up, room supplies needed, holiday party sign up, etc, but today’s lesson was learned during Covid.

I thought we were thriving, but lil Janelle was cherry picking assignments and missing a lot.  What made it worse, was the missing assignments were EASY.  She was bored.  I now know signs of an unmotivated Janelle, so I can adjust quickly.

Don’t let that next report card surprise you, no news is not always good news.  We must do our part.

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